VR Resources

So, you want to be a VR developer? Excellent! On this page we will share and periodically update a curated list of resources to get you started. Found a resource that has been particularly helpful? Then please share to support our community.

NEW!!! – Dorian Dargan’s curated list of resources. Dorian, a VR Producer at Oculus, recently shared a list of resources he found useful on his VR journey. View the list here.





Virtual Reality Pop

Ways to become a Unity developer for VR and AR

Dorian Dargan’s Blog

Careers in AR/VR

Transitioning to a Career in AR/VR Design


Engineering Planet: VR Lectures Playlist


Free online courses to turn you into an expert on virtual and augmented reality

Online Courses

Augmented Reality (AR) Design with General Assembly

Coursera: VR & 360 Video Production

Coursera: Virtual Reality Specialisation

University of Illinois VR resources

Udacity: VR Developer Nanodegree

Udemy: Make Mobile VR Games

Udemy VR Courses

VR for Journalists – Virtual Reality and 360 videos





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