We are an Extended Reality (AR/VR) creation lab dedicated to growing a community of AR/VR developers in Nigeria, creating solutions using AR/VR, and providing educational and engagement experiences with AR/VR. We see huge potential for AR/VR as a tool for creating everyday solutions and intend to change the technology narrative so that here we become creators and not just consumers of technology. We are future thinking and committed to being responsible ancestors, creating a better world for today and tomorrow.


We are building a community of AR/VR Content Creators and Enthusiasts in Nigeria. We intend to change the narrative becoming Creators and not just Consumers of technology. We provide the tools and support needed to kickstart their journey for Augmented and Virtual Reality Enthusiasts who are looking to create their own experiences.

We are building a large community of Augmented and Virtual Reality content creators and enthusiasts. Join the AR/VR Africa community on Facebook.
We provide support for enthusiasts who are looking to start a career in Augmented and Virtual Reality content development and other emerging technologies.
We believe in the potential impact of Virtual Reality in Education. We are excited about that too. #VRforEducation


See what's going on at Imisi 3D

See what we are up to at imisi 3d
Youth and XR Series

Simulation Literacies – the Future of Media Imisi 3D is thrilled to partner with the Institute for the Future for a session exploring simulations, the future and what we can create as part of our Youth and XR series.   *Email us to request an invitation. Institute for the Future (IFTF) brings people together to […]

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The First AR/VR Community Meetup

We are passionate about growing the AR/VR community in Nigeria, and across the continent, and so were thrilled to kick off our community meetups in July 2017. We are grateful to Google Nigeria for making this first gathering possible, providing excellent facilities and support to ensure we all had a wonderful time. We will now […]

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After I completed my VR Developer nanodegree program, following several long moments of self-appreciation, my next step was to write about the experience. But for some reason unknown to me, this posed some difficulty. I just couldn’t decide what exactly to write about and how to go about actually writing it. In light of this, […]

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Imisi 3D Scholars


Meet the team!

Judith Okonkwo

Judith Okonkwo


Business Psychologist, Futurist

Tade Ajiboye

Tade Ajiboye

VR Developer


Chidi Nnadi

Chidi Nnadi


Software Engineer

Victoria Akani

Victoria Akani



Isiaq Gbadamosi

Lab associate

Joey Ekunwe

Joey Ekunwe



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