Imisi 3D VR Scholars

Imisi 3D is excited to announce the launch of its scholars program. In our bid to grow the content creation community for extended reality technologies, we along with our partners, will be facilitating access to the Udacity VR Nanodegree course. Applications will open again in 2019. Meet our former Scholars below:


Rukayat is a graduate with a B.Ed in English. She is excited about the possibilities technology, particularly VR, can provide for education access and quality in Nigeria. Keen to expand her knowledge she recently did the Udacity Computer Science course. Follow her VR journey here.


Amaechi is a self taught 3D modeller. Looking for inspiration following a disappointing experience with tertiary education, Amaechi came across the 3DS Max Bible. He dedicated himself to learning, taking on menial jobs to buy equipment and support his study. A regular visitor to the VR lab, Amaechi is keen to improve his skills and has volunteered on Imisi 3D projects.


Ishaq, a VR enthusiast and regular visitor at the Imisi 3D lab, is a student of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology. His belief in VR’s potential to positively impact Nigeria led to the set up of a social enterprise called VIVIAFRICA, in July 2017 they took VR experiences to a secondary school in Ogbomosho. Follow his VR journey here.

Meet our October 2017 Scholar:

Jehoshaphat is an advocate of STEAM education who works at the intersection of Music, Computing and Design. He studied Computer Science (also Music) with a specialization in Human Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. He is also a multi-disciplinary artist, designing sounds and composing music for Film, VR/AR, Games & TV, interactive installations and performances. His work involves combining techniques from Artificial Intelligence, human-computer interaction, machine learning, and signal processing and applying these techniques to effectively solve new problems, such as the design of new digital musical instruments and gestural interfaces for gaming. Follow his VR journey here.

Meet our March 2019 Scholar:

Damilola Okelana is a 3d artist and a game designer in training and a VR enthusiast.As a kid Damilola had always been fascinated by video games and the worlds in them and sometimes wish he could jump in or at least make or build a world like that. This fascination got him interested in simulator games like The Sims for instance. The Sims lets you create characters have them live in an environment or neighbourhood. They can literally be anything you choose.This really made him want to learn game design but he didn’t even know where to start from. After a few years of 3d modelling, he has decided to explore the possibilities in Virtual Reality.