Curious about what we spend time doing when we are not at an external event, running our own events or creating VR content in our lab?  Here are details of our current projects. Anything catch your fancy? Get in touch if you would like to find out more or get involved.


VR for Education & the VR4Schools Project

We believe low cost VR has the potential to radically transform education from the base of the pyramid up. We are passionate about education and believe VR can have significant positive impact on education in Nigeria and beyond. Consider the shocking numbers – a 2014 count had over 263 million children out of school. Of that number over 10.5 million can be found in Nigeria, the highest number for an individual country. When it comes to quality education, more than a billion children lack.

We believe low cost VR provides a ready solution that will be effective from the base of the pyramid up and have set up the VR4Schools Project, we are working on a pilot with a local high school in Yaba, a neighbourhood in Lagos, Nigeria. We are also promoting the adoption of VR across all educational levels, and held our first VR for Education Roundtable in November with stakeholders from the state government, secondary and tertiary institutions.

VR for Art

The Nigerian art scene is a vibrant sector of multidisciplinary expertise and talent across several genres. From sculpting to textiles, photography to bronze casting, painting to pottery, there is a rich heritage of innovation and creativity. The possibilities VR provides of an almost limitless medium for creation is taking the art world by a storm, and Nigeria is not being left behind. A series of collaborations with the Revolving Art Incubator resulted in the launch of the first VR for Art workshops in Lagos in 2017. Stay tuned for 2018 updates.


AR/VR Community

Are you an African, or living on the African continent and interested in Augmented and Virtual Reality? Join our online and offline communities. We have a growing Facebook group that started out as a virtual space for our VR Hackathon participants to connect last year. It is now being expanded into a meeting place for the African AR/VR community. If you happen to be in Lagos, Nigeria, we run bi-monthly AR/VR meet ups. Follow us on Twitter for more updates.



i3D Hardware Challenge

We know that VR must be adapted for our local environment to drive large scale adoption and derive exponential impact from the deployment of this technology. A current limitation for this is the hardware/infrastructure required to experience virtual reality. This hardware challenge aims to tackle that. In partnership with Hardware Lagos, the leading hardware community in Nigeria, we are sponsoring a hardware challenge to design and develop an all-in-one solar powered VR headset.

*This challenge was discontinued in November. We had issues with logistics and communications and are exploring solutions for a relaunch in 2018.