Intern | Victoria Akanni

My experience at Imisi3D
The most important thing I got from being a part of this amazing organization was a Sense of Direction.
Before I got this internship position, I had no idea on what to do career-wise and it bothered me a bit. My first encounter with VR was at Imisi3D. After the experience I did a little reading about the field and knew this was something I was intrigued by and wanted to know more about, I got that head start by joining the organization.
I became a part of the team in November 2018 and have always been part of it till date. This was my first working experience, I was excited and scared at the same time because I had heard a lot of scary workplace experiences.
Being here, I got to know and work with the various people on the group, I wasn’t limited to just one sector of the organization. I worked closing with the lab associate and he was my go-to person for whatever I needed or was confused about. Every member of the team was so welcoming and made my time here worth my while.
My internship was meant to be for a month but at that time school was on strike and I asked for an extension till school resumed which I was granted. I spent 3 months working with Imisi and the knowledge I gained got me a summer job in 2019 which was amazing.
Working at Imisi3D was an amazing experience, I woke up every morning excited to get to the office and never hurried to leave because I felt at home.
I didn’t just gain work experience here, I gained a new family and I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world. I’m grateful.