Intern | Korede Anibaba

I started my internship at Imisi July 1st and that was the start of an interesting learning experience. I was assigned to learn about 360videos and learn to create content in unity. I was also assigned to two mentors to guide me on my learning journey. I also had time to interact with the other employees of Imisi3D.

My understanding of Imisi 3D is that it is an extended reality community that aims at bringing different experiences to the community and also encourages members of the community to create content and give them a space to do so. During my work time, a lot of people came in to use the equipment in the lab and it was very interesting to watch and help facilitate.

In my first 3 weeks in Imisi 3D I worked under the media intern and learned about 360videos and how to create them. I also learned how to create event highlight videos using premiere pro. During these weeks I grasped interesting ways to present videos in a different form other than the boring 2D systems we are used to. The videos feel very immersive and like you are sitting right in the scenario. In these videos, you can view scenes from different angles while the main action is happening. There could also be other scenes that surround the main scene that you can see and angle your view towards. I had a great mentor named Yeni and it was a very easy concept to grasp.

I then moved on to working in Unity which was more intriguing to me and more diverse. I created a roll a ball game and learned to program in C# which is the language that unity uses to assign actions to objects. I got assigned to learn under Mr. Isiaq who is the lab associate of Imisi 3D. I also used a lot of Unity Learn to get a broader concept of how unity works. I also began to work on a personal project. I began to create a maze in Unity and learned the basics of displaying the content created in Imisi 3D.

Finally, I got to meet the visitors that came into the lab and set up the extended reality equipment. The highlight of my stay at Imisi 3D apart from learning was showing and teaching the kids that came in about Virtual Reality and watching their eagerness to learn. I am more inspired to go into the line of art in virtual reality, 360 videos, and game design after my time in Imisi 3D.