Intern | Amarachi Iwuh


On the 16th of September, I officially started my internship at Imisi3d. Prior to that, I had presented my interest in interning to Judith the weekend before and I attended my “first” meeting that Saturday so I was already kind of familiar with the environment and the people I was going to work with.

The week started off with me attending the first day of the 3-day Cyark Workshop at Imisi3d. Cyark is a non-profit organization that specializes in creating images through photogrammetry and other techniques to research and preserve historical monuments. For the rest of the week, Isiaq, the VR developer, introduced me to the basics of VR and the Unity software. With the help of a tutorial recommended by him, I was able to make my first working 3d game. A basic game but an achievement nonetheless. This week, I also helped Isu make a poster to celebrate the conclusion of the workshop mentioned above. Towards the end of the week, Judith gave me an assignment to create a powerpoint presentation for a VR talk in Port Harcourt. I will be presenting it virtually, so that’s going to be a first for me. I’m excited to see how it goes. Finally, on Friday, I had a meeting with Isu discussing my expectations for the following week and I mentioned that I’d like to do more code shadowing so I’m excited for that as well.

I’m looking forward to another week at Imisi3d with more opportunities to learn and apply myself.


This past week was really eventful at Imisi3d. The week started off with I, Muhammed and Isiaq going to the sustainability week at British America Tobacco (BAT). We were invited for the event to demonstrate ways VR can be used to sustain the environment and educate individuals on the effect of climate change. We also brought some games and other forms of entertainment for those who were new to the VR experience. Later on in the week, I also joined Muhammed, Aduke and Gregory in editing and updating the script for the Algebraic expressions VR experience for secondary school students. We were able to cover a couple of scenes in the environment and brainstorm better ways to communicate our vision to the developers. Finally, I came up with a mini-project to do before I complete my internship experience at Imisi3d. It is a 3d Whack-a-mole game which I hope to import to Google cardboard once I’m done developing it on unity. Isiaq and Dami have been really helpful in guiding me through designing and developing the game. I look forward to making some progress with it in the following week.


This week rounds up my stay at Imisi3d *tears*. For the most part this week, I worked on my whack-a-mole game. I and Dami designed the arcade model for the game and I spent this week adding as much functionality as I could. On my last day, the team surprised me with a sendoff get together at the cafe and I loved it. I’m really going to miss all my colleagues as they have now become my friends. Everyone was so helpful at Imisi and I learnt so much from them. From Isiaq, I learnt to be patient with people as he was with me every time I had a question. He never hesitated to make time for me and put me in the right direction with whatever I was trying to do. Aduke taught me to be professional and take my work seriously, as she did with all her tasks. Greg taught me to be dedicated to my craft, as he is with his . A day never went by without him reading one book or watching a video on how to increase his knowledge of his subject matter. Muhammed, Yeni and Hadiat showed nothing but dedication to the vision of Imisi and I hope to apply such zeal to other aspects of my life moving forward. Needless to say, I had a lovely experience at Imisi3d and I look forward to applying all the skills I acquired from this experience to my future endeavours.

It’s been real ✌✌✌✌